Hello world!

OMG – I am finally starting a blog.  Late to the party, but here we go…

Welcome!  I plan to blog on things I feel strongly about and would like to share and discuss with others.  It may be professional — Recruiting, HR, Consulting, Business, Technology, Tools,  etc. — or it may be personal – family, fun, food, travel, books, music, accomplishments, challenges or struggles.

Let it be known that the thoughts and views I share are my own and should in no way be a reflection on:

  • the company that employs me
  • people/groups/associations/teams/companies who have asked me to work with or advise them
  • the friends I’ve made or have yet to make
  • my dog who loves me unconditionally
  • the family who are stuck with, I mean related to, me
  • or anyone else, but me – uh, unless it’s a guest post…

With that said, I hope you will join me…I look forward to talking with you 🙂

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